Residential Exteriors

When it comes to the exterior of your home, you want a paint job that is going to last for at least the next 10 years right? Have a read below of what we do and give us a call and we can talk about what YOU want and how we can make it happen.Painter Hamilto Residential


At True Quality Painters we pride ourselves on making sure that the entire substrate is correctly prepared and primed using the correct materials.

What we do exterior

  • power wash all surfaces
  • remove all loose paint/materials (some areas taken right back to bare)
  • fill & sand holes & imperfections
  • fill all gaps with flexible filler
  • use correct primers on multiple different surfaces (concrete, cedar, metal, aluminium….)
  • replace loose window putty with new silicon based glazing sealant (no more failing putty) & prime rebates
  • treat any rust areas with rust converter
  • undercoat all doors/frames & windows prior to top coating
  • minimum of two topcoats applied to all surfaces

Residential Interiors

What we do interior

  • ensure all of the clients possessions are safe from damage/dust & paintPainter Hamilton Interior
  • wash any areas of concern
  • screw back (tighten) any loose walls
  • fill any imperfections
  • seal/undercoat with correct recommended sealer
  • apply a minimum of two topcoats to all surfaces (if painted)
  • size walls ready to hang wallpaper


Gib Stopping/Plastering

True Quality Painters don’t mind taking on the small plastering jobs (1 – 2 rooms max). We like to restrict ourselves to the plastering only because we aren’t as quick as the pros, but let me assure you that the quality is as good as it gets as we are the ones usually painting it too! If the plastering is bad the paint work looks bad, so you can certainly be confident that our plastering skills are up there with the best of them.

Our Paint/Materials

We almost exclusively use Resene paints for our projects. We know that they aren’t the cheapest supplier but that’s sort of the point.


Here is the Resene Promise of Quality

In a world of ever changing values, there are still some things upon which you can rely. One of these is that Resene will continue to strive to produce the best paints that it possibly can, benchmarked against the highest international standards. Our products are guaranteed to provide film integrity and adhesion for the life of the paint system.

This is the Resene Promise of Quality Guarantee.

We will deliver top quality paint, advice and colour, developed specifically to meet our customers’ needs. This promise is backed by our commitment to leading edge paint technology, strong and exciting colours, and reducing the impact of paint on the natural environment.

Should Resene fail to deliver on our promise in any way, we will unhesitatingly acknowledge our responsibilities.


 We aren’t restricted to using only Resene paints, but we will recommend it and prefer it purely based on performance. Click here for the Resene website.

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